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e-commerce with Multi Level Marketing is in very huge demand because these combination lead to successful business. ENM software is provide to complete management of the business.



ENM provide many application to learning and training purpose, and its have many qualities-Flexibility to learners, Better completion rates and higher retention, Collaborative learning, Higher engagement, Multi-device support, Performance Support, Learning path.


After a rigorous process ,ENM Team prepared some amazing gadget at affordable price. It will be lauch very soon.

Fields of ENM

Start up INDIA

Our company introducing STARTUP PLAN with in same business. Now company will work on your own startup plan with the help & support of FINANCE & PLANNING(upto 50 lac depend upon valuable project) STARTUP Planning cost -10,000/-(Refundable with interest upto 12,500/-)

Stock Market

The stock market refers to the collection of markets and exchanges where the issuing and trading of equities (stocks of publicly held companies), bonds and other sorts of securities takes place, either through formal exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Also known as the equity market.

Achievement Award

The Achievement Award program recognizes individuals who participate in the programs.

Our Vision

The ENM Team is committed to providing support to the youth to convert technologies and idea into viable projects. and We try to build proficient level of personality , communication skills beacause Personality development helps an individual to inculcate positive qualities like punctuality, flexible attitude, willingness to learn, friendly nature, eagerness to help others and so on & Communication is the basic building block of our relationship.